…Let’s just all say it: IT’S THE WORST!

There are memes and jokes and games that aren’t aired for days, and bars aren’t showing preseason games, so you have to just wait for updates if your team isn’t local (i.e. in Philadelphia or Dallas while you’re in Rhode Island!).

It’s hard to be a football fan during preseason.

But… the leaves are slowly changing. The crickets are turning in early and the dew is still cold on the morning grass. FALL IS COMING!!!!


The Papa and the Daughter are in the midst of trying to get some cook time in for Cincinnati Chili (oh Bengals… sorry about your loss!) and some Homemade Mac and Cheese to represent the south’s own Jacksonville Jaguars (that was a close one, Birds- way to pull it out!).

‘Til we get these awesome recipes up (with even better pictures), thank you for sticking with us as we get into the flow of  Carpenter in the Kitchen Season, and out of this preseason vibe!


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