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Say it with me “PRESEASON!”

It’s OK to cheat a bit… if it’s preseason! Thankfully, we don’t totally consider this a cheat because shopping for our families and cooking from scratch every night can be difficult- money is tight, taste is crucial and watching the game with good food is a must! With this in mind, we want to have meals for you that aren’t just for game day, but are for those hectic weekdays, too.

We picked up some delicious, packaged marinated pork from Aldi in Mesquite BBQ to represent Texas, and it was a huge success!



Always follow the cooking instructions on your package, and we advise using a good thermometer!


Because “pre” foods are done for us, there is often a high sodium level in them. Keeping that in mind, we paired our Texas flavored meat with some simple veggies:


IMAG5170We have done a lot of “prep” and simmer and boil then bake… recipes. I hope that this meal gives you some quick, good ideas- even with one thing being partially done for you, with a few good veggies and you’ve got a meal you can be proud to serve your family. Staying healthy, happy and productive are all integral to the football (and school) season!

All-in-all, the last Eagles and Cowboys preseason games were a disappointment… But, in the words of Dez Bryant, “To be honest, it don’t matter who we play, it’s exciting just because it’s the beginning of the season. Football is back. Preseason is not the season. That football is totally different from the actual game. Everything counts. You’ve got the starters playing. We’re looking to battle all four quarters both teams.”

With that? GAME ON!!!!




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