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That was rough…

As we said last week, the Cowboys played Kansas Sunday and then the Eagles Thursday, so we opted to do one AWESOME recipe to represent KC.

Thursday night football was more shaming than last Sunday’s showing by Dallas, offering fumbles, interceptions and a lack of drive coming from the birds. Kansas City came out hard and proved that they wanted it more. Andy Reid was doused after the game- a bit of overkill for the third game of the season- but certainly a clincher to explaining what that sharp pain in our backs was. The knife of karma… or irony. Whatever it was, watching the game left an uneasy feeling in our bellies about the season, but we were certainly full of delicious food!

Joe makes a mean rib and has been using the same smoker recipe from THIS book… because it’s SO good, we don’t mess with it. This post is in pictures (taken by Chelley) and sure to leave you drooling, but the recipe is 100% Smoke & Spice. Print out the pics to easily add it to your own family recipe book… you will not be disappointed!

 Smoke and Spice

Tomato based BBQ sauces are personal taste! We went spicy!

Tomato based BBQ sauces are personal taste! We went spicy!

          The night before you plan to barbecue, combine the rub ingredients in a bowl. Apply about 1/3 of the rub evenly to the ribs, reserving the rest of the spice mixture. Place the slabs in a plastic bag and refrigerate overnight.
Before you being to barbecue, takes the ribs from the refrigerator. Sprinkle the ribs lightly but thoroughly with rub, reserving the rest of the mixture. Let the ribs sit at room temperature for 30 to 40 minutes.
Prepare the smoker for barbecuing, bringing the temperature to 200° to 220°.
Transfer the meat to the smoker. Cook the ribs about 4 hours, turning and sprinkling them with more dry rub about halfway through the time. In the last 45 minutes of cooking, slather the ribs once or twice with tomato-based barbecue sauce.

The Smoker

          When ready, the meat will bend easily between the ribs, and the sauce will be gooey and sticky. Allow the slabs to sit for 10 minutes before slicing them into individual ribs. Serve with more sauce on top or on the side and plenty of napkins.



Don’t forget the napkins!

The Carpenter

We added a can of baked beans (a yummy cheat), baked potatoes, sliced watermelon, and a homemade coleslaw that’s often paired with our southern-style meals, which is super easy to put together (10 minutes) and serves 8:

1 head cabbage, shredded
2 carrots, shredded
3/4 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons sour cream
2 T onion, finely chopped
1 T
2 T white vinegar
1 T dry mustard
2 t celery salt
S&P to taste
Combine all ingredients, being sure all items are integrated. Serve! Easily saved for the week’s lunches, too!
Plate of Ribs
Happy Sunday Football, fans!

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